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Man standing on the summit snow capped mountain.

Developing Innovative Strategies



Our agents can help you with short-term or long-term contracts and consult you from branding to marketing to website development. Or, hire us to speak at your next event. See what we can do to help you increase your potential. 


Imagine a premium-grade website that fits within a budget for a fashion studio or art portfolio with eCommerce features, a storefront for your merchandise items, or an organizational website for the church, community, or club with an option to provide subscription service. And, not to mention our in-house marketing design for logos, packages, business cards, and many more.


We work together as a team and treat them like family to get the job done because we focus on clients first. In addition, we work with privately owned businesses to charities such as clubs, non-profit organizations, and churches. We have a member portal for them to keep in touch with us and maintain their account. 



Boyd Consultant & Company is a group of independent contractors that can help your business or private group achieve the greatest potentials. We are based in central Mississippi with clients across the United States.  The company's beauty is virtual, that our team collaborates weekly wherever they are at home with their kids or on the remote beach away from the city.


We love to help you and your team have the best working experience with us, from getting motivational training or establishing your brand present on the web and not to mention other things like mail package designs, business cards, or digital newsletters. 



The Anglo-Methodist Ecclesia
Logo reads Celtic Catholic Church of the Americas with the celtic cross.


The Anglo-Methodist Ecclesia website is professionally designed with attention to detail of content set in an artistic format.

Monastic Bishop

Liam Flint

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