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The Portfolio is the website appearance of your store, art studio, pottery, custom jewelry, antique store, or fashioned design. You name it and we can help you! We have the tools to do all the work for you and make your business known to the local, regional, national, or global. 

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Branding is the heart of your business that reaches the hands of the customers. Our designer will craft up anything you need from business cards, store tags, marketing materials, newsletters, packaging labels, and many more.

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ecommerce store.


Our eCommerce is a powerful workhorse for your store or studio website. We take the guesswork of all the setups while you focus on your business with customers.  No matter how many items you have, from 5 to 5,000. A store may not be for you, but your customers have the ability to book an appointment or buy a recurring subscription service from your organization or doctor's office.


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Leadership is the most popular service from Boyd Consultant & Co because most of our agents are train to speak at the events for your employees, or for the church as well as other organizations.  We also provided motivational series that will help you and your team reach their potential. 

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